Playing This Week

Friday February, 23rd - Thursday March, 1st

Coming Soon To Humber

Friday March, 2nd - Thursday March, 8th

Humber Cinemas Pricing

Movie Ticket Pricing

Adults $13.00
Ages 14 and Older

Children $8.00
Ages 13 and Under

Seniors $10.00
Ages 60 and Older

Tuesday $7.00
All Ages

Food & Beverages Pricing


1.Super Combo: $15.00
Includes: Large Popcorn, Large Drink, Large Candy

2.Couples Combo: $22.00
Includes: 2x Medium Popcorn, 2x small Drink, Large Candy

3.Junior Combo: $11.00
Includes: Small Popcorn, Small Drink, Small Candy

4.Kids Combo: $7.00
Includes: Kids Popcorn, Kids Drink, Kids Candy

5.Nacho Combo: $14.00
Includes: Nachos, Large Drink, Large Candy

6.Hot Dog Combo: $14.00
Includes: Hot Dog, Large Drink, Large Popcorn


Small Popcorn: $5.00

Medium Popcorn: $6.00

Large Popcorn: $7.00


Small Drink: $3.00

Large Drink: $4.00

Bottled Drink: $3.00

Bottled Water: $3.00

Vitamin Water: $4.00

Hot Drink: $3.00


Small Bag of Candy: $5.00

Large Bag of Candy: $6.00

Cotton Candy: $5.00

Prepared Foods

Hot Dog: $5.00

Nachos: $5.00
Includes: Nacho chips, Cheese, Salsa, Jalapenos